Some Information about Reverse Mortgages

This form discloses all closing costs, the interest rate, any mortgages that are being paid off, and the net proceeds. Any remaining equity (which is often the case) goes to the heirs.This is a good loan if the homeowner can tolerate a single change of payment during the loan period. This used to be a cumbersome process but by using our website we will analyze and filter out the bad lenders while providing you with multiple free quotes. Until 2007, all reverse mortgages were adjustable; according to a report released by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau in 2012, 70% of loans are fixed rate.

A traditional mortgage is a balloon full of air that loses some air and gets smaller each time a payment is made. In creating a new loan structure, the Federal Housing Administration aims to ensure that borrowers are better protected and lenders will continue to be interested in working with the loan product. HUD put a hold on all cases in which non-borrowing spouses were on the path toward eviction after the death of the borrower. On the other, you have sensationalist articles in major news publications that only tell half the story. Here's the truth as we see it. If a lender can see that you are comparing rates and scrutinizing prices, naturally he will be less likely to charge an extortionate price. Meeting with a trusted adviser, budgeting and getting a reverse mortgage can help retirees live comfortably for years to come.


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